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Reclaimed Barnwood Tiles
All styles available in 3 colors

GunStock                                          Natural                                                 WhiteWash

Everitt & Schilling Tile is the leading maker of fine wood wall tile. Our tiles are made from environmentally friendly materials and are the most compelling wood tiles anywhere in the world. Our company is family owned and we specializes in creativity, quality and the care of our customers. Contact us to find out more about our tiles, request a sample or to learn where to purchase these incredible tiles. As we like to say, our tiles are made in America...twice.

All of our wood tiles are environmentally friendly. Handmade from recycled wood, Everitt & Schilling Tile takes pride in their stewardship of this great American resource. Here are just some of our wood tile features:

   - Each Tile is pre-mounted in square foot panels on our patent pending backing.
   - All of the tiles are coated with a Low VOC ceramic finish
   - All of the tiles come in popular formats and design